Montiferru is a small mountain range of vulcanic origin that dominates the green Campidano plain to the north.

Along its green slopes you can see deep incisions carved by streams.

A border between the coast and the hinterland, Montiferru has long been a crossroads between agricultural and pastoral culture.

The dense oak and holm oak woods that cover it are interspersed with vineyards, orchards and olive groves.

Human presence is limited to small, inhabited centers spaced a few kilometers apart, but extremely different from each other.

The interior of the mountain range is more remote than its slopes. It appears as an alternation of valleys and ridges and is crossed by a few passable roads. This has always been a destination for shepherds and a few farmers.

Today, this is an attractive destination for hikers who, thanks to the arrangement of some old paths, can enjoy an uncontaminated environment and panoramas that range from the Campidano Plain to the Gulf of Oristano and the whole.