This Service card represents the promise that the OLEARIA AGRICOR company makes to the beneficiaries of its services: through this agreement the company formally undertakes to provide certain levels of service (service standard), gives users the power to check its work and clearly indicates which means of guarantee can be used to protect their rights.

Agricor S.n.c. was founded in 1991 with the inauguration of the processing plant located in the municipality of Riola Sardo, collecting decades of experience gained in the field of olive growing by its founding member Antonio Angelo Corrias, guardian of a now secular family tradition handed down with pride by his father Giuseppe and his mother Giovanna. In this plant the company carried out the olive milling business on its own behalf and on behalf of third parties for many years before moving in 2003 to the new headquarters located in the agricultural area of Bonarcado.

The new plant, located in “Perd’e Caddos”, is equipped with a continuous cycle plant with integral cold pressing (2 phases). Over the years, the company has carried out its own and third-party milling activities, keeping it constantly updated.

For some years AgriCor has been packaging in its own factory and has been doing its own marketing for an Extra Virgin Olive Oil line with its own brand with three different labels to differentiate the offer for their consumers

  • Santa Cristina,
  • Condaghe,
  • Semidana

In order to minimize the environmental impact of its activities, Agricor undertakes the best possible managing of all waste and by-products of its oil production activity.
The wet pomace oils coming from the extraction activity are subjected to a further step that allows the separation of the stone (pit), which is partly used to feed the mill biomass boiler and the remaining resold on the local market. The remains of the working activities are conferred to a biogas plant for energy production.

The Olearia AGRICOR company has always pursued a policy of improving production and the relationship with its clients. For this purpose and to facilitate the simplicity of communication, it provides potential clients with a wide range of communication channels:

  • Telephone: +39 3398191052 – +39 3490811384
  • Fax: +39 078356360
  • E-mail:
  • Skype: live:agricorsnc
  • Facebook: AGRICOR
  • online contact form.

Description of services offered and definition of standards

Since the corporate production process is a complex set of activities, it is important to remember and separate the various services offered:

Olive grove construction.

Olearia Agricor gives its customers the possibility to use the machinery and equipment that allow the reclamation and the preparation of any hectarage for the planting of olive groves of whatsoever extension.
Agricor offers consulting services for choosing the quality of olive trees best suited to the client’s area and soil.
This service is active throughout the year, but remember that the planting of the olive trees must be done in autumn for milder climates, or in spring for harsher climates.
In order to request a free inspection and quote, you can contact us using the ordinary communication channels.

Cultivation and treatments.

The company is able to provide maintenance services for plants of any size, guaranteeing all phytosanitary treatments, professional pruning, plant restoration and maintenance, as well as soil preparation and cleaning. The services described above can be provided individually or in an all-inclusive package, which allows a more effective intervention.
The services are provided in the period best suited for each of them, for customers who purchase the individual services, the duration depends on the time required for the completion of the operations. The complete olive grove maintenance package instead can last one year or several years, to be agreed upon at the time of purchase.
To request a free inspection and quote, you can contact us using the ordinary communication channels.


Agricor offers its customers its mechanized harvesting service, which takes place thanks to two agricultural tractors equipped with shaker arms with an anti-barking system that speed the harvesting operations up while preserving the integrity of the plant. This service runs from October to March, 7 days a week, in order to allow a rapid completion of the harvest. For customers who decide to use this service, Agricor offers a discount on the cost of the olive milling.
To request a free inspection and quote, you can contact us using the ordinary communication channels.

Third party milling

The main service rendered to private people is the cold pressing of olives with an integral system aimed at the production of fruity and durable extra virgin olive oil, which is returned to the owner of the lot. Agricor guarantees adequate storage of the drupes awaiting processing and a quick milling. The drupes given to the plant are sifted in the sorter that is at the service of the customers and that, thanks to suitable adaptations is able to receive the load even directly from tip-up trolleys.
The recipients of this service are all olive producers of the provincial territory, who intend to obtain an excellent quality oil.
Olearia AGRICOR undertakes to grind the producers’ olives within 24 hours of delivery and to contact its client within 24 hours after pressing if the oil is not collected.
The service runs from November to January, 7 days a week, from 7.00 am to 9.00 pm for the delivery of olives, 24 hours a day for milling activities.
The cost of the grinding service also includes the DEFOLIATION service that the company has to do even if the olives arrive already cleaned.

Storage and packaging

The storage and packaging rooms of the finished product are located in Via Mannu 3, in the town of Bonarcado. These spaces were adapted and restructured in 2006 following the decision to market the company’s products directly. The storage rooms of the finished product are equipped with stainless steel tanks with a conical bottom prepared for inerting. The tanks are placed in temperature-controlled rooms and have a total capacity of 30,000 liters. The packaging plant allows the bottling of 1,000 bottles an hour.

Production of Extra Virgin Olive Oil

Da diversi anni l’oleificio AGRICOR commercializza la sua linea di olio extravergine d’oliva con tre diverse varianti, Santa Cristina, Condaghe, Semidana con caratteristiche organolettiche che vanno dal fruttato intenso all’amabile e al delicato. L’olio extravergine di oliva viene immesso sul mercato in diversi formati, lattine da 3 e 5 litri, bottiglie di vetro con capacità da 0.250 litri, 0.500 litri, 0.750 litri.
L’olio è disponibile alla vendita presso venditori al dettaglio e i principali grossisiti di tutta la Sardegna (qui l’elenco)(verrà inserito un link alla pagina con l’elenco dei venditori) .
Per coloro che preferiscono acquistare comodamente da casa, possono farlo grazie all’e-commerce presente in questo sito web, in questa sezione sarà possibile acquistare i vari formati in cartoni da 6, 12 o 24 pezzi.
Per maggiori informazioni clicca qui.

Olearia AGRICOR  has been selling its line of extra virgin olive oil with three different variants for several years. The labels are Santa Cristina, Condaghe and Semidana and their organoleptic characteristics range from intense fruity to lovable and delicate. The extra virgin olive oil is placed on the market in different formats, cans of 3 and 5 liters, glass bottles with a capacity of 0.250 liters, 0.500 liters and 0.750 liters.
The oil can be bought from retailers and the main wholesalers in all of Sardinia (here is the list) (a link will be inserted to the page with the list of sellers).
For those who prefer buying from home, we also offer our e-commerce present on this website, in this section it is possible to buy the various formats in cartons of 6, 12 or 24 pieces. For more information click here

Terms of payment

Le modalità di pagamento per i servizi sopra descritti sono quelle previste dalla legge:

  • Contanti, per importi inferiore ai 1000,00 €;
  • Bonifico bancario al conto corrente intestato a Oleificio AGRICOR IBAN_IT86N0101587860000000000660 Banco di Sardegna Di San Vero Milis Intestato Agricor s.n.c di Antonio Angelo Corrias e C., inserendo come causale i numeri delle bolle di consegna;
  • Pagamento con POS per importi superiori ai 30,00€ (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Pago Bancomat, Carta Si);
  • Assegno Bancario intestato a Oleificio AGRICOR.

The payment methods for the services described above are those provided for by law:

  • Cash, for amounts less than € 1000.00;
  • Bank transfer to the current account held by Oleificio AGRICOR IBAN_IT86N0101587860000000000660 Banco di Sardegna – San Vero Milis, registered in the name of: Agricor s.n.c di Antonio Angelo Corrias and C., inserting the numbers of the delivery notes as the object of payment;
  • Payment with POS for amounts over € 30.00 (Visa, Mastercard, Maestro, Pago Bancomat, Carta Si);
  • Bank check made out to Oleificio AGRICOR;

Claim procedure

In the event that the standards described in this Service Card should not be respected, the user / consumer has the right to make a complaint.
For the complaint it will be necessary for the user to complete the following form, and send it back filled out and signed using the following means:
Download the complaint form