Olive oil…

…our passion since 1930

The quality of our extra virgin olive oils starts in the countryside. Quality control of the raw materials is the fundamental step necessary for guaranteeing quality oils. This is why we do not accept molenda (toll). We monitor the status of the cultivars constantly and choose the best time for harvesting as we personally oversee the management of more than 7000 plants distributed in olive groves in the Montiferru and Sinis regions. This allows us to choose precisely which olives bring to milling according to the oil we want to produce, selecting only the best cultivars and rejecting the defective ones. Our specialized staff collects the olives with our two-armed shakers equipped with an anti-debarking system, mounted on low tractors which are able to operate even in olive groves which are not completely optimized for mechanical harvesting. The speed of our harvesting allows us to get the olives quickly to our company oil mill in Loc. Perd’e Caddos – Bonarcado.

Ses gustu, ses profumu e ses de oro insuperabile donu de natura, de olia birde, trempi niedda o madura Ozu (ses) lughinde che limpidu tesoro

Continuous-cycle plant

How it is structured

The original plant, installed in 2001, has seen several updates and additions aimed at improving its efficiency over the years. This has made it possible to reduce waiting and processing times and obtain a better quality product. The selected olives are sorted in the Mercuri sorter to remove branches, leaves and stones which have been collected during the harvesting operations. Following the cleaning, the olives are stored for no more than 12 hours in large, perforated chests, and then sent for milling in the Pieralisi continuous-cycle plant.

The first step includes the washing of the olives in the washing machine, in order to eliminate earth and residual stones. The crushing of the drupes is carried out by means of a double-grid, 1400-rotation breaker, where the olives are chopped without heating them.

The paste obtained is then channeled into one of the 4 Panorama Tanks for the subsequent “weighing” phase which takes place at a temperature of no more than 27 ° C and for no more than 20/30 minutes. The coverage of the tanks and the constant temperature monitoring make low-temperature work possible while minimizing the oxidation of the paste.  This favors the enzymatic processes responsible for the oil’s aromatic notes.

The processed paste is pumped inside the Pieralisi SPI 222S Series centrifugal extractor from the mill’s latest update (2016). It allows for an integral, two-stage extraction without adding water, thus enhancing the aromatic characteristics of the final product.

The final separation is carried out with a vertical axis, centrifugal extractor that eliminates the last impurities present in the extracted oil, thus finalizing the clarification process. The oil we produce is then transported to our warehouse, located in Number 3, Via Mannu, in Bonarcado. Here it is stored in stainless steel silos with a conical bottom prepared for inerting. The oil is not filtered and the removal of any residue that settles on the bottom is promptly carried out through the flush valve. The warehouse premises are kept at a temperature of 18-20° C. To guarantee maximum quality of the final product, we do not bottle our product until it has been ordered by the consumer.