Organization, speed and cleanliness

These are the cornerstones that regulate the activities of our mill. Each batch of olives entrusted to us is subjected to a double cleaning. The first one is done at delivery time before the olives are weighed, with passage in the Mercuri sorter which can clean 10 quintals/hour. The second cleaning, before the pressing, is the washing of the olives. In the very short time between delivery and milling, the olives are stored exclusively in coffers of 3 to 4 quintals. Pressing is carried out within 12 / 24hours from the delivery in the Pieralisi continuous-cycle plant which is equipped with a double grid Franchiser at 1400 rpm. Weighing tanks are kept at a controlled temperature (under 27 °C)  to guarantee the cold extraction process. This takes place in the centrifugal extractor with the integral technique (2 phases) with no added water during extraction. At the end of each batch processed, tanks, centrifuges and separators are washed with running water to avoid any mixing between batches and to guarantee our customers a maximum-quality final product.